Who We Are

Story Farm is a team of award-winning writers, editors, designers, photographers, branding experts and marketing specialists—plus, a couple of total wingnuts—that creates enduring, story-driven legacies for a select group of accomplished clients.

These stories can take many forms—from gorgeous, collectible books and engaging videos to audience-building social media campaigns. When it comes to telling your story, we’re up for anything.

There’s an old Irish folk saying that goes: “If you don’t know the trees in the woods, you may be lost in the forest. But if you don’t know your story, you may be lost in life.”

To which we would add: “If you don’t tell your story, you may be lost in business.”

Everyone has a story. Let us tell yours.

Our Team

Including Frequent Collaborators and Unindicted Co-Conspirators

  • Bob Morris

    Bob Morris

    President | Owner

    Stats: Unapologetic Floridian, inveterate traveler, keeper of dogs, island guy.
    Resume: Field laborer, cement-truck driver, turkey farm wrangler, waiter, newspaper reporter/columnist, restaurant critic, magazine editor, novelist.
    Deep background: Once passed up a chance to sing onstage with Jimmy Buffet. The world is a better place because of it.
    Sound track: Ry Cooder, João Gilberto, The Bad Plus
    Bookshelf: Totally promiscuous subject matter; three months behind on The New Yorker.

  • Bo Morris

    Bo Morris

    Director PR/Marketing

    Stats: Another proud Story Farm Floridian. Beaches/sun before mountains/snow. Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins, Florida Gator fanatic, but most often an apologist. Basset Hounds.
    Resume: Highlight of my career: working on the media boat at the Mavericks Surf Contest in 2008. I would have done that for free.
    Deep background: Expunged by a court of law.
    Soundtrack: Waylon, Townes Van Zandt, Kurt Vile, Drive By Truckers, Descendents, Future Islands
    Bookshelf: Lucky Peach, Monster Children, ESPN.com

  • Ashley Fraxedas

    Ashley Fraxedas

    Editorial Director

    Stats: Homebody who loves to travel, sportsaholic, simplicity seeker, insatiable idealist.
    Resume: Softball World Series champ, paver layer, two-year-old wrangler, short-order cook, wannabe interior designer, magazine/newspaper/book editor.
    Deep background: Swam with whale sharks off Isla Mujeres, sailed Ireland’s Aran Islands, snowmobiled on a glacier in Iceland.
    Soundtrack: Wherever Pandora takes me.
    Bookshelf: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

  • Chris Sherman

    Chris Sherman

    Vice-President | Editorial Consultant

    Stats: Scribe, gourmand, wine pilgrim, 20th century collector, part-time Pangloss, feral cat host.
    Resume: Elevator operator, housing inspector, newspaper reporter, alternative weekly designer, restaurant critic, Rhoniac, Cincinnati loyalist.
    Deep background: Scooped the New York Times once in El Salvador battle, found inventor of nachos, championed pork rinds. Ignored by Pulitzer but James Beard finalist.
    Sound track: Brad Mehldau, Ted Wills, Jimmy Cliff.
    Bookshelf: Napoleonic thrillers, architecture, George Pelecanos.

  • Marcie Oliveira

    Marcie Oliveira

    Editorial Assistant

    Stats: Brazilian native, proud honor of a pick-up truck, aspiring brewmaster.
    Resume: Theater troupe member, flaky tutor, college newspaper production manager.
    Deep background: Once upon a time a hardcore political activist.
    Sound track: Led Zeppelin all the way.
    Bookshelf: Brazilian literature, whichever newspaper I can find, nerd stuff (cough, Lord of the Rings, cough).

  • Eva Dougherty

    Eva Dougherty

    Copy Editor

    Stats: Close reader, valued listener, friend to dogs, fan of comedy.
    Resume: Construction-site cleaner, office grunt, mean-faced barista, zine creator, student-film character actor, magazine/newspaper/book grammar curmudgeon.
    Deep background: Took seven years to graduate from college and forgot how to speak Spanish, Latin, and German.
    Soundtrack: Wu-Tang Clan, Shangri-Las, Otis Redding.
    Bookshelf: Gordon Lish and his friends, NMEs from the turn of the millennium, picture dictionaries, impenetrable film/literary/social theory with bookmarks nine pages in.

  • Victoria Allman

    Victoria Allman

    Writer | Recipe Tester

    Stats: Traveler, taster, Jeep girl, orchid whisperer, funny in my own mind
    Resume: Yacht chef, author, cooking instructor, Social Director-Cuisine Canada, Founder-Earth to Table, keeper of knowledge
    Deep Background: I picked apples to put myself through chef school. You can’t beat a job where you are paid to climb trees.
    Soundtrack: Trombone Shorty, Dr. John, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Earle
    Bookshelf: Has broken under the weight of books by Diana Abu Jaber, Ace Atkins, Monique Truong, Laura Esuivel, Steve Earle

  • Tina Dahl

    Tina Dahl

    Printing Specialist

    Stats: Cat whisperer, yoga aficionado, cookie connoisseur, massive consumer of the printed word, founder of the Thursday Morning Ladies Hiking Club.
    Resume: Bakery hand, advertising policeman, NFL henchman, Taproot volunteer.
    Personal Philosophy:  Everything always works out.
    Sound track:  Little Dragon, Ludovico Einaudi, Caetano Veloso, Richard Thompson.
    Bookshelf:  Anything that made the Booker Prize short list, novels about India, and big, fat books that give me something to chew on.

  • Scott Morris

    Scott Morris

    Writer | Editor

    Stats: Fifth-generation Floridian; forgot my best time in the forty and my SAT score.
    Resume: Novelist, editor, teacher, grove caretaker.
    Deep backgroundGot a jon boat in third grade and fished the Butler Chain. Coming back home at that age guided by moonlight will do something permanent to you.
    Soundtrack: Elvis, Bach, Alt country. All sorts of jazz. Any song written by my wife’s father (“Burning Love,” for example.) Above all my wife’s singing and songwriting.
    Bookshelf: Books. By the way, does it bug anyone else as much as it does me when people use the word literally when they mean metaphorically? As in: “OMG! You should have been there! I literally shopped my ass off!”

  • Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    Writer | Editor

    Stats: No-snobbery wine dude, La Liga lover, lives in a houseful of women.
    Resume: Head honcho at Jones Is Thirsty and Jones Is Hungry, magazine editor, movie exec, desert sweeper, ice carver.
    Deep background: Slugged Cuban wine in Stockholm, had supper with Dolly Parton, first male food editor at Southern Living.
    Sound track: Orchestra Baobab, Belle & Sebastian, Ibrahim Ferrer, Morrissey.
    Bookshelf: The Reason for God, Gilead, truckloads of books on ‘cue and Southern food.

  • Hatchet Design

    Hatchet Design

    Design Squad

    Stats: Full time thinkers, part time campers, chefs, and partiers.
    Resume: Three University of Florida Fightin’ Go Gators with stints in chocolate, breakfast, print, and youth basketball coaching.
    Deep background: Dabbling in polyamorous realtions…
    Sound track: Kurt Vile, Emily King, Smooth Hound Smith, Explosions in the Sky, Billie Holiday
    Bookshelf: Loaded with esoteric design volumes ranging from artistic printing to illustrative novelties.

  • Acme Brand Studio

    Acme Brand Studio

    Tim Fisher, Creative Partner

    Stats: Friends. Ocean lovers. Artists. Sports nuts. Surfers. Gamblers. Modern art, furniture and architectural design enthusiasts. Nice people.
    Resume: Knights and Noles. Strategists. Designers. Film Directors. Producers. Space planners.
    Deep background: Long time creative team with local, regional, national and even international experience building and romancing brands. Worked together for 20 years.
    Sound track: Jack Johnson. Jars of Clay. Aloe Blacc. Zac Brown Band. Eddie Vedder. Ryan Shields.
    Bookshelf: Lee Clow’s Beard. Contagious-Why Things Catch On. Anything inspirational plus lots of fishing, design and sports magazines. Yes, we recycle.

  • Amanda Bardwell

    Amanda Bardwell


    Stats: Boater, card shark, bicycler, expert Instagramer, stroller roller.
    Resume: Food stylist, photo shoot director, choreographer, party planner.
    Deep background: Toured Taiwan for 3 weeks performing with Los Angeles Ballet; backpacked through Europe; directed photo shoot featuring Michelle Obama in the White House.
    Sound track: Radiohead, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Ben Harper, Ray LaMontagne, Macklemore, Dave Matthews.
    Bookshelf: Good intentions gathering dust.

  • Albert Chiang

    Albert Chiang

    Creative Director

    Stats: Living on a mesa in Santa Barbara overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my partner in crime, Deja Hsu, and our cat, Kuta
    Resume: Vinyl awning letterer/installer, paperboy, librarian, book designer.
    Deep background: Work and play on islands around the world, plus some choice coasts.
    Soundtrack: Les Nubians, The Cult (old stuff from Electric and Love), lots and lots and lots of world music whose artists names I don’t remember or didn’t get.
    Bookshelf: John Updike, Paul Theroux, Bob Morris and picture books everywhere.

  • Michael Pisarri

    Michael Pisarri


    Stats: Wave seeker, endurance junky, speed freak, travel addict, connoisseur of all things beautiful and delicious, yoga student (hey, you gotta balance it all out).
    Resume: Bag boy, bus boy, bicycle mechanic, surfer, professional cyclist, stockbroker.
    Deep Background: Spent a day photographing Kate Winslet at her home. Also, I love chicken hearts.
    Sound Track: Bob Marley, SOJA, Donavan Frankenreiter, EDM, classic punk rock
    Bookshelf: All my books have lots of pictures in them.

  • John Whittle

    John Whittle


    Stats: Traveler, cat owner, purveyor of fine profanity, ambassador of sarcasm.
    Resume: Infant, teenage jerk, art-school dropout, film lab technician.
    Deep background: Broke ribs while leaping from a stolen golf cart, ate curried fruit bat in the Seychelles and went back for seconds, Hawaiian nickname is kolohe (rascal).
    Soundtrack: Tom Waits, Mazzy Star, Pink Floyd, Trespassers William.
    Bookshelf: Bryson, King, Cahill and a selection of non-fiction war books. Tries to read at least one classic novel a year … often fails.