What portion of profits does Story Farm receive?

None. Clients hire us to create their books. And our clients receive all profits.

Will my book be available for sale in major bookstores and online?

That’s up to you. Most Story Farm clients sell their books directly to their customers and fans, either at their places of business, through their websites or as part of special events and promotions. But Story Farm can help place your book for sale through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other chain bookstores, independent bookstores and book distributors.

What about promotion? Can Story Farm help with that?

Yes, by all means. As part of our standard services, Story Farm works with you to develop a marketing strategy for your book. This includes creating digital flipbooks that can be sent out in advance of publication for promotional purposes, writing press releases, and creating promotional materials like posters and postcards. We will also help plan a launch event to make sure your book hits the market with a bang.

What sort of editorial control do I have over the final product?

You can be engaged in every part of the process, from outlines to rough drafts, design templates and final page proofs. We do not go to press until you have given your approval on the text and design.

How long does it take to create a book?

This depends, of course, on the nature of the book. How much research is involved? How many interviews are required? And how extensive are the needs for photography and artwork? We’ve created some books for clients in as little as two months, while others have taken two years or more. For most of our coffee-table books and cookbooks, we generally plan for at least one year, which includes three to four months for proofing, printing and delivery.

What about e-readers? Will my book be downloadable?

Again, that’s up to you. If you want your book to also be available in a digital format, we can help make that happen.

What about copyrights and that sort of thing?

Story Farm will take care of all that for you. We will register your book with the U.S. Copyright Office and the U.S. Library of Congress. If you don’t intend to sell your book, it doesn’t require an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or a barcode. But we recommend that you at least get the ISBN, especially if you intend to provide your book to libraries.

I’m a successful businessman and I’ve written my life story. Can I submit it to you for publication?

Yes, of course, we’ll be happy to take a look at your manuscript. We can provide editorial services, suggest a format and design, and work within your budget to create a book or other publication that will be the best possible vehicle for your story.

I’ve written a novel that I want to submit to a literary agent or publishing company with hopes of getting a book contract. Can I hire you to edit the book before I send it out?

Sorry, but that’s not our line of work. We recommend that you hire an independent book editor who specializes in providing pre-submission services. Best of luck.

Before we sign on with Story Farm, we’d like to talk to some of your previous clients. Is that possible?

Yes, by all means. We’d be delighted to put you in touch with previous clients so they can share their experiences with you. You can email us at or call 407.304.6991.

Public Relations and Marketing

We’re launching a new business and need to create major buzz over the next three months. Can we hire Story Farm on a short-term basis to help get our business off the ground?

Yes, we can. Redesigning an ineffective web site is often what we suggest our clients do before anything else. Story Farm works with a number of talented designers. We can help negotiate reasonable fees for their services and work with you to provide expanded content for your site, along with improved imagery and videos.

Before we consider hiring Story Farm, we’d like to chat with some of your current clients to gauge what kind of job you’ve done. Can you put us in touch with them?

Yes, we’d be delighted for you to speak with our current clients. Contact us a info@story-farm or 407.304.6991 and we’ll make introductions.

Does Story Farm have a particular field of Public Relations/Marketing expertise?

Thanks to Story Farm’s origins—creating gorgeous cookbooks for chefs and restaurants—we specialize in providing services to culinary clients. But we’re generalists and quick studies. The skills we’ve honed in marketing, promotion and social media can apply to a wide variety of potential clients including hotels and resorts, retail stores, professional associations, trade organizations and the luxury real estate industry.

Strategic Publications

What if I want an e-brochure or e-magazine?

That’s right up our alley, too. We can do it as a standalone project or offer it as added value to a print project.

Our brand wants to launch an annual magazine aimed at our affluent customer base. In addition to handling the editorial production will Story Farm be in charge of the advertising sales?

No. Our expertise lies in creating beautiful magazines. We prefer that advertising sales be the responsibility of a separate agency. We will be glad to introduce you to reputable candidates.

We own an existing publication in need of a fresh, new approach. Can we hire Story Farm to brainstorm a makeover and re-launch?

Absolutely. Story Farm’s editors and designers have been involved with the launches and re-launches of numerous publications. We love making publications better and introducing them to a wider audience.

Does Story Farm have a minimum number of copies it requires for a booklet, brochure or magazine?

Our minimum print run for a booklet or brochure is 250 copies; for magazines it’s 1,000 copies.