Coming May 2016

In Meet Me at Mazzaro’s, the Cuccaro family takes you through the endless ingredients in its maze of a market that has become a regional destination for young culinary explorers, big city transplants and anyone hungry for the way America used to shop and eat.

This handsomely illustrated guide captures the pazzo pazzo nature of shopping and eating at Mazzaro’s Italian Market, while identifying the hundreds of cheeses, wines, salami, pastas, breads, spices and sauces you can find in the shop. Each has its own proud story, whether made by hand here or imported from a small Italian village.

We also have included favorite Mazzaro’s dishes from both the market and the family recipe box, including our secret Christmas sauce of baccala and prunes from Nonna.

You’ll find this book essential for shopping in any Italian market and as much fun as Mazzaro’s itself until you meet us at Mazzaro’s.