Published Fall 2015

Merriman’s Hawai’i is more than a cookbook. It offers the reader a chance to experience the food and the people of Hawai’i through the eyes of chef/restaurateur Peter Merriman. Along with 75 signature recipes, Peter shares delightful tales of his early days in Hawai’i, the farmers and ranchers who are responsible for the islands’ flour­ishing farm-to-table heritage, the cooks who have passed through Merriman’s kitchens, and the locais who influ­enced his cuisine. Patrons of Merriman’s eight restau­rants will find some of their favorite dishes, along with personal recipes Peter makes at home just for friends and family. Merriman’s Hawai’i is a must for anyone, visitors and kama’aina, who love life in the 50th state.